Policeman in futuristic booth

Hungarian title:

Art Deco rendőrfülke


Rottler István


Small poster artwork (cca. 15 x 11 cm)




Near mint.


Paper, pencil.

Price: US$480


This is a mysterious original hand-drawn design from the 1930s. It was created by István Rottler, a popular graphic designer of the time. He created a plenty of miniature commercial design works for companies selling grocery, cosmetics and others. Many packaging design of everyday products of the time like teabags, liqueurs, egg-brandies, coffee creams, soaps, etc. can be linked to his name.

Although we know some facts about the designer of this artwork, it is a good question what the aim of the design could be. The drawing shows a policeman who is pointing to the side, leaning out from a futuristic booth. As he has the mouth wide open, he is captured probably to be ordering someone to go. It is possible that this drawing was a detail of a later bigger graphic design, but as there is little known about it, it is a puzzle.

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