Hero Is Afraid, The

Hungarian title:

A hős, aki fél


Finta József


A2 1/2 Sheet (cca. 59 x 42 cm)




Fine, light fold marks and wear.


Paper, intaglio.

Price: US$320


The Hero Is Afraid is a 1966 vintage Hungarian movie poster designed by Jozsef Finta.

Hrdina má strach is a 1966 Czechoslovakian film.

Honza Vavrinec (Rudolf Hrusínský) works in the investment department of a large office. One day he gets involved in the case of an unjustly convicted worker who mistakenly considers him a parliamentary deputy. Honza as a "deputy" interferes in the case and helps the worker. Encouraged by the success and possibly also out of love for the beautiful secretary Svatava (Blanka Bohdanová), the then shy and fearful Honza stands up for the chief of the department, Hofmánek (Ladislav Pesek), who has been removed from his position.

Director: Frantisek Filip

Writers: Jaroslav Dietl, Frantisek Filip

Stars: Rudolf Hrusínský, Ladislav Pesek, Jirí Sovák

(source: imdb.com)

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