Lia penguin

Hungarian title:

Lia pingvin


Gaál, Mátyás


Small poster artwork (cca. 11 x 15 cm)


around 1948


Fine, light wear.


Paint on cardboard.

Price: $480


This painted work was created by Matyas Gal as a commercial poster maquette around 1948. It is a compact and delightful piece. There is a penguin figure captured in the centre of it, holding a huge light-blue package, in front of a bright, homogenous yellow background. Its legs are spreaded, it is standing opposite the viewer, looking to the left and pointing there with one wing, towards the ‘LIA’ inscription. The package shows an image about the same penguin figure in the same pose surrounded by the same elements – so it is a meta picture. This was a favoured tool of commercial designs, which on one hand made it possible to use the same graphic for a poster and for packaging, on the other hand, it gave an extra charm and humour to the design.

LIA was most probably a chocolate brand of the time as sweets products commonly had advertisements and package designs with adorable animals to attract consumers, that is, children. Gal made a nice and catchy commercial poster mockup here in the popular light-hearted and playful style of the interwar period. 

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