Felvidéki András

1946 -

Felvidéki, András

Felvidéki, András

Andras Felvideki is an important graphic artist and painter, active since the 1970’s.

He finished his studies at the University for Applied Arts, studying graphic design under Pál Gerzson, János Kass and Sándor Ernyei. He has been close friends with Tibor Helényi since their early school years.

He was member of the Quintett group of poster artists, established in 1976.

His posters include elements from old etchings and engravings in a postmodern manner. Felvidéki reinterpreted the old techniques and used his special humorous approach and sense of grotesque on his posters. He had close ties with the Hungarian underground Neo-Avantgarde artist groups of the 1970’s (such as Iparterv), and he also designed posters and catalog covers for their art shows. With Gábor Gyárfás and Tibor Helényi, they played often in Miklós Erdély's basement with their rock band.

In the 1980’s he continued to make bizarre, monochrome poster designs for movies. On exhibition posters he preferred to use architectural and plastic elements, with which he could refer to the theme of the exhibition. He created a fantastic design for the first Star Wars movie, which was published alongside Helényi's design.

In the 1980’s around 50 of his poster designs were printed. Many of these are movie posters, for films such as Star Wars, Rocky, Death Wish, Omen, just to name a few. They are very inventive, thoughtful works, which show Felvideki's excellent drawing talent. 

Between 1982 and 1992 he was the art director of HIFI magazine. From 1980 until 1996 he made 10 stage designs for TV-movies and theatre plays. 

Since the mid-eighties, he is working on illustration design too, and he soon became teacher of illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Today he prefers to make drawings and paintings. Since years he is member of the Hungarian Poster Association (MPT).                                                                                                                             .

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