Fejes Gyula

1891 - 1958

Gyula Fejes was a productive poster artist, who was mostly active during the late 1940's and the 1950's.

He learned under Ferenc Helbing and Imre Simay at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest.

He worked in Germany for a while as an illustrator. His first posters appeared in the early 1920's. He worked alone and with other artists as well. Between 1926 and 1929, he frequently collaborated with Lipót Sátori, designing dozens of posters together.

In 1933, he resumed designing posters, and worked until the early 1940's. Before WW2, he mostly designed commercial and movie posters.

He continued to design posters after the war, his posters reappeared in 1948. This time he collaborated with Gyula Macskássy and János Macskássy. He also designed posters with Vilmos Mohlrüder in the late 1940's.

From 1948 on, he mostly designed commercial posters, including many for exporting companies. He designed posters for many famous brands, including Tungsram, Csepel, Siemens, Orion, and so forth. He was an adaptive artist, capable of absorbing many artistic trends, and designing in these manners. His posters are mostly decorative, figurative works.                                                                                                                             .

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