International Sample Fair in Prague

Hungarian title:

Prágai Nemzetközi Mintavásár


Unknown artist


93 x 60 cm




Very good. Pinholes, light stains, light creasing and fold marks, small tears.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$800


The poster advertised the International Sample Fair, held in Prague, in 1951. The piece was printed in Czechoslovakia, but it targeted Hungarian audience.

The poster employs the typical motives of the communist aesthetics - a strong worker dominates the composition in front of a red background. He is captured in the compulsory realist manner, but this painting style can also remind us of the popular poster style of the 1940s in Hungary. It is also really interesting that we can see a stylised figure of a quite modernist building in the background.
Due to the use of strong colors and monumental forms, the poster appears to be a decorative piece.

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