Ballot paper for women

Hungarian title:

Női szavazólap


Unknown artist


Ballot paper (cca. 31 x 12 cm)




Fine, tears on the lower border and along the vertical fold mark. A vertical tear restored in the middle. Handwritten notes on the back.


Paper, letterpress.

Price: US$240


Ballot paper for females from 1945. Original Hungarian political material. 

Voting paper for the 1945 elections. The voting paper was differentiated by gender of the voter, however, there was no difference in content. The voting rights were altered in 1945, the age limit was lowered to 20 years both for women and men. The elections were held on the 4th of November and the winner was the Independent Smallholders Agrarian Workers and Civic Party who polled 57% of the votes whereas the Communist Party only polled 17%. The Smallholders dominated Parliament established a republic in 1946 but due to the Soviet occupation, the salami tactics and the election fraud of the Communist Party in 1947, the communist system took over. On this voting paper the Independent Smallholders Agrarian Workers and Civic Party is marked with a pencil.

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