Plant Poplar!

Hungarian title:

Ültess nyárfát!




B1 (cca. 100 x 70 cm)




Fine, small restored tears along the border.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$2000


Poster for popularizing the afforestation month. The month devoted to plant trees lasted from the 10th of March till the 10th of April. 

The poster alludes to trees with every single detail of it. The background is a light brown wood pattern. On the two sides in the foreground there are two green poplars adding some colour to the composition. At the bottom a piece of wood is apparent and above it a rolled up paper. The symilarity between the paper and the wood is an interesting concept. Everyone knows that one of the most widely spread product made from wood is paper. In thisd composition the rolled up sheet has the same shape as the piece of wood and it gives a similar pattern to the crossection of the log. This is a very explicit parallelism of the composition. Other than this dominant element, the poster lines up other goods which are made from tree. Goods such as ladder, wooden box, matches, etc. The designer Filo used a basic typography here, which was very typical of her.


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