Fashion Show in Budapest

Hungarian title:

Divatbemutat├│ Budapesten


Vajda Lajos


A4 (cca. 29 x 21 cm)




Fine, light wear.


Paint on cardboard.

Price: US$600


This poster mockup was created by Lajos Vajda, a poster artist who was mostly active from the 1950s until the 1970s. From 1951 Vajda was the graphic artist of Magyar Hirdet┼Ĺ (Hungarian Advertising Agency), and later he became the leading artist of it. He designed numerous movie posters with a humorous style popular during the 1960s and the 1970s. Besides, he was also frequently commissioned for commercial and exhibition posters.

This artwork was created for a fashion show in the 1950s. It is a painted composition using purple and yellow shades, with a figure standing in a long dress and in high-heel shoes, backwards to the viewer while looking out the window. The interior design of the location contains a side-table with a vase and an opened book on the top, a yellow floor and long purple curtains. The background shows the scenery of the Danube with the Chain Bridge and the Hungarian Liberty Statue in Budapest. The design is a cheerful, colourful piece, applying an expressive portrayal which was more likely in the second part of the decade in Hungary.

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