Orion thermos - Peak performance at all times

Hungarian title:

Orion hőpalack - Minden időben csúcsteljesítmény


Bottlik József


A1 1 Sheet (cca. 84 x 59 cm)




Fine, restored paper loss at the bottom left corner, light fold marks and wear.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$5000


Orion thermos - Peak performance at all times is an original 1948 vintage Hungarian advertising poster designed by Jozsef Bottlik.

The poster isn’t signed but the design and the figure is very typical of Bottlik, who was the ehad designer of the brand. Next to the figure we see the logo of Orion also created by him in the late 1920s. The composition reflects the Art Deco style of Bottlik’s posters in the interwar period, however this one was made in the late 1940s. Some elements, such as the use of the spray paint and the typography, are close to the style of the propaganda posters of the time, however, in this case the author applied it for a commercial piece. 

The thermos was a popular product of the Orion company and was advertised with a variety of posters.

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