Battle of Stalingrad, The

Hungarian title:

A sztálingrádi csata


Papp Gábor


21 x 14,5 cm




Near mint.


Paint on cardboard.

Price: US$800


The Battle of Stalingrad is a 1949 vintage Hungarian movie poster artwork by Gabor Papp. This maquette was created by the artist for the soviet film which was released in Hungary in 1950.

A large-scale battle between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany from the point of view of Stalin.

Director: Vladimir Petrov

Writer: Nikolai Virta

Stars: Aleksei Dikij, Maksim Shtraukh, Viktor Khokhryakov

The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943) was a major battle on the Eastern Front of World War II where Nazi Germany and its allies unsuccessfully fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (later renamed Volgograd) in Southern Russia. The battle was marked by fierce close-quarters combat and direct assaults on civilians in air raids, with the battle epitomizing urban warfare. It was the bloodiest battle of the Second World War, with both sides suffering enormous casualties. Today, the Battle of Stalingrad is often regarded as the turning point in the European theatre of war, as it forced the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (German High Command) to withdraw considerable military forces from other areas in occupied Europe to replace German losses on the Eastern Front, ending with the rout of the six field armies of Army Group B, including the destruction of Nazi Germany's 6th Army and an entire corps of its 4th Panzer Army. The Soviet victory energized the Red Army and shifted the balance of power in the favour of the Soviets.

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