Bánó Endre

1922 - 1992

He learned in the Atelier graphic school in 1940. He studied under Sándor Kolozsváry, Gusztáv Végh and Dezső Orbán. His work has covered a wide range of fields in design graphics, from typography to journalism to logo and poster design. He often worked with István Czeglédi and Mátyás Gaál, with whom he created exhibition graphic works at trade fairs.

He created the headline of the newspaper as a graphic artist for the daily Népszabadság. He has provided illustrations for several educational publications of the Youth Book Publishing House and the Táncsics Publishing House. He has participated in several domestic and foreign exhibitions.

He designed a large number of advertising posters, a lot of them for photography related commercial purposes, cameras, photo papers, etc. He often utilized photography to provide the main graphic element of his poster compositions. 


Available posters by this artist