Flora fabric softener and detergent

Hungarian title:

Flóra áztató - előmosószer


Tram poster (cca. 24 x 17 cm)




Near mint.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$320


Flora fabric softener and detergent is a 1965 vintage Hungarian propaganda poster designed by Vilmos Mohrluder.

Flora was a brand producing laundry products. This decorative tram poster is a beautiful design. It depicts a woman's hand as it puts a piece of clothing in the water. The water is bubbly because the Flóra prewashing powder has already dissolved in it. Bubbles were often used on posters promoting detergents. In the foreground there is the advertised product in its box. The text on the top states that washing is easier with Flóra. The vivid blue colour gives the impression of lightness and cleanliness.



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