Metropolitan Moving Company

Hungarian title:

Fővárosi Szállítási Vállalat - Fősped


Darvas Sándor


Double Tram poster (cca. 24 x 34 cm)


around 1960


Fine, light wear.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$400


Double tram poster from the end of the 1950s for Fösped, the Metropolitan Carriage Company (FÖSPED). The text on the top says the company makes moving, furniture carriage in a professianal way  a takes full responsibility.

The composition display the happy workers easily carrying a large cupboard. In the background their collegue is already putting the other pieces - chairs, lamp and another cupboard - in the car so we can see that the company does a very  efficient job. The design is not the typical Socialist-realist style, but it still has some elements of that period. The decorative pastel colours of this poster were not used on the Socialist-Realist posters. The depiction of the happy workers was a must which is also apparent on this piece, however the way the FÖSPED poster pictures them has nothing from the character of the realistic hard working worker figure who gazes into the future. These characters here are more cartoon-like and much nicer, however they are not as stylized figures as the ones of the late 1960s. 

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