Wine Days in Badacsony

Hungarian title:

Badacsonyi bornapok


Iván Váradi


Leaflet (cca. 22 x 10 cm)




Near mint.


Price: US$400


The Badacsony wine region was named after the Badacsony Mountain. „The vineyards on the side of the Badacsony, which dips into the Balaton like a peninsula, ripen their grape bunches in the sub- Mediterranean type of microclimate. The tempering effect of the water mass of the Lake Balaton, the retentive heat in the basalt cap of the mountain, the reflection of the sunrays from the water surface onto the mountainside and the most intensive sun radiation in the country, guarantee an unequalled high must degree, even in the most unfavourable years, and the full-bodied character, taste and bouquet of the wines.”

This artwork was created in a book cover design size, supposedly for a brochure or leaflet about the Wine Days in Badacsony in 1966. The artist, Ivan Varadi, created a nice, minimalist design. This one is a skilful composition with geometrical shapes well-organised. The round-shaped grapes contribute to a pattern only to be more varied by the shape of a decanter. It is only visible by its silhouettes created by light blue and green filters appearing on the sides of the design. The title of the brochure appears as the bottle-label of the decanter. The result is an elegant design.

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