Hungarian title:

Ötös lottó


B2 (cca. 70 x 50 cm)




Fine, small tears, light wear.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$500


Cheerful poster by János Macskássy,created for the lottery. The state lottery was an important part of the country's economy, it was a huge firm that managed all the gambling activities (lottery, toto, etc.) in Hungary. 

János Macskássy was frequently working for the lottery, he was a kind of an own art director of the company. He created many posters together with his brother Gyula and with Gyula Fejes. János Macskássy had a certain lovely, cartoon like style that matched to the lottery - after all, it is a game. The young boy with the four leaf clover in his hat was a very popular recurring figure on lottery posters by János Macskássy, he was called Lotto Otto. On this one, the small boy shouts into the giant telephone: Hallo! We have a direct hit!' 

Signed 'Macskássy'

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