Fashionable fabric for women's suits and dresses

Hungarian title:

Kosztümre, ruhára divatos szövetet


Tram poster (cca. 24 x 17 cm)




Fine, light foxing along the border.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$320


Decorative tram poster from 1960 advertising fabric. In the 1950s the ideal woman was masculin and always appeared in boots and overalls on advertisements. By the end of the decade this trend changed: women returned to a more subtle, elegant and fashionable clothing and in the same time more and more cosmetic- and fashion-related advertisements appeared on the streets and in the magazines. 

This era was an active and flourishing period in Hungarian poster art. The poster became a symbol of rising living standards and the range of themes of commercial advertisements expanded. During that period advertising a product in general was as common as brand advertisements. 

This poster is a good example of advertising a product without any brand or company. Thanks to the playful typography the text serves as a ladder to a woman who tries to choose from the colourful fabrics. The slogan emphasizes that you can use these fashionable textiles for many things - for women's suits and dresses. Another poster by János Macskássy Cheap, Fashionable and Durable Fabric is another example of advertising different type of fabrics in the 1960s.

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