Lang Diesel Ship Engines - Lang Budapest 1868

Hungarian title:

Láng Diesel hajómotorok - Láng Gépgyár Budapest 1868


A4 (cca. 29 x 21 cm)




Fine, light wear.


Paper, mixed technique.

Price: US$1000


Decorative poster maquette for Láng company. Size: cca. 29.5 x 21.5 cm. It is a mixed technique of photo and tempera on paper. 

Láng Machine Factory was an important machine firm in Hungary, which was founded by László Lang in 1868; its Hungarian name is Láng Gépgyár. The factory started to producing steam engines for factories and ships in the beginnings. In 1893, the firm started to produce electric elevators. From 1905, the production of steam turbines for alternators began. In 1910 the factory extended its product portfolio with boilers and Diesel Engines.The large Diesel engines were designed and produced for ships, power plants and for factories. (source:

This maquette was made for a promotion of the diesel engine. In the very middle we can see the photo of the engine itself and the logo of Láng factory. The background resemmbles of wavy water and in the front a silhouette of a ship is visible. 

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